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Best Squarespace Wedding Website Templates

Best Squarespace Wedding Website Templates

Looking for a truly original and one-of-a-kind wedding website?

A wedding website that resembles everyone else's is simple to create. Most couples don't know other options and instead rush to designers to develop their cookie-cutter wedding websites.

Today we will show you 5 examples of creative, original, and fully customizable Squarespace wedding website templates. These 5 templates are for you if you want to stand out from the crowd and have a wedding website that will truly impress your guests!

Let’s take a look at these Squarespace wedding website templates!

How It Works

Websites previously planned and developed are known as Squarespace Templates. 

You only need to replace the template's content and graphics with your own after installing it on Squarespace. The template provides you with the layout and framework for your website.

You will receive the rights to a copy of the website and a link to your copy and your new website when you purchase a Squarespace template for your wedding website. 

Each template includes written instructions and video tutorials on registering for a Squarespace account, adding your text and photos, and using the platform's essential features. You get all the resources you need to finish and publish your website when you buy a Squarespace wedding template.

Additionally, you can add new sections and rearrange what Squarespace refers to as "blocks" to personalize your website further. You can change the colors and design elements to your desire with templates. 

Before and even after it is online, you will have the freedom to customize and decorate your website, which is a huge advantage and something you simply cannot do with a free website like The Knot and Zola.

Is Squarespace Good For Wedding Websites?

Contrary to most wedding websites, Squarespace allows you to experiment until your wedding website truly reflects you.

Start with one of their templates and tweak the fonts, backgrounds, image sizes, and any other element you may click on until you find the perfect combination. Prefer to keep things simple? No issue. Drop your photographs into the back end and stick with the defaults and bingo.

While Squarespace wedding offers some of the nicest wedding website templates we've seen (see: below), they rank among the best because they offer all the logistical capabilities a wedding website could need. They have been working on the following things during the past few years, to name a few:

  • Integrations with Google Maps to make it simpler for your guests to discover your location, lodging, and exciting things to do in the area;
  • Simple RSVP form for collecting responses or addresses for invitations;
  • For people with food sensitivities, menu blocks let you exchange information about your meal.

Although there are many platforms for building websites, Squarespace stands out because of its incredibly gorgeous templates, which make developing a website easier.


Source: Squarespace

One need not worry about constructing the ideal website from the start; all that is required is to select the template that best matches the style and mood of the moment.

Additionally, Squarespace wedding allows you to design a unique wedding registry and quickly add new registries. Sharing photographs and videos with friends and family have never been easier. The most effective Squarespace wedding websites contain lovely galleries. You may simply make an album documenting your connected lives with Squarespace.

Contrary to some website-building programs, Squarespace lets you update or downgrade your site with new features, modify the page-by-page layout of your pages, or even switch your entire site to a completely different design - at any time, without the need to install any additional software.

Since Squarespace is a "cloud" service, there is no need for separate web hosting or software downloads and installations. You can export your website to another platform if you feel Squarespace isn't your best option.

By paying a membership fee to Squarespace, which includes hosting and a content management system, you can guarantee that the Squarespace staff will handle routine maintenance and upgrades for you behind the scenes without having to do anything. The good news is that a subscription to Squarespace costs about the same as regular web hosting.

Pros and Cons of Squarespace 



Getting started with Squarespace is incredibly easy - No coding skill needed.

The section-based site editor tool - You can only drag and drop at the available sections.

Plenty of neat, eye-catching and beautiful templates for you to choose from.

Your site may run slower than usual during Front-end edits.

Your site may run slower than usual during front-end edits.

They're only over 100 templates, and you can not switch to another template in version 7.1.

Every Squarespace wedding examples website comes with a custom domain, making personalization incredibly simple. A website's front and back end need to be easy to use. It becomes much more important when you don't have access to your own IT department. Both needs are well met by Squarespace.

In conclusion, Squarespace is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, and SEO-friendly website builder. Additionally, it is reasonably priced and provides outstanding value.

Additionally, Squarespace employs highly skilled customer service advisors in New York City, Dublin, and Portland offices who collaborate with designers and engineers. They are prepared to assist whenever needed and have extensive knowledge of Squarespace.

Thinking of creating your own? Here are 12 Squarespace wedding website templates to serve as inspiration for your Wedding Website.

Let's go!

1. Soria

The full-page image is a terrific method to get website visitors to gasp as soon as they arrive. Replace the background image on your Squarespace wedding website with a video if you'd want to make it even more entertaining.

Soria has all the components you'll require, such as a map of the venue, an RSVP form, links to your wedding registry, and spaces to enter the dates and details of your ceremony.


Source: Squarespace

A page called "Our Story" is also included in this design. In this section, you can include a photo gallery from your engagement photo shoot or any pictures you've taken together since you first met, sentimental words from the two of you or friends and family, and a background story on the two of you.

This template also contains a few minor yet important additions. If visitors wish to get in touch with someone to ask more questions, using the email link at the footer of the homepage is an excellent choice. 

You may incorporate that with a link to the Instagram search results if you've set a hashtag for guests to use while sharing photos from your wedding or the days leading up to it.
2. Aubrey

This template is for you if you miss the old-fashioned paper wedding invites.

Aubrey uses a simple layout that nonetheless seems sophisticated and heartfelt. Of course, the background of white roses is optional. You can edit the image any way you'd like.

Aubrey Squarespace wedding website template

Source: Pexels

The Details page is designed to resemble a traditional invitation. Finally, there is an RSVP form. You can add clickable logo links to your registries at various retailers on the registry page.

The Squarespace Aubrey template is created to resemble a traditional wedding invitation.

This template is both simple and elegant.

 It would be useful if you simply wanted to make a simple website that serves as an invitation without having to include pictures or text about the history of your relationship.

3. Sonora

There are many components on the Sonora homepage that you may use, including brief text fields where you can describe the ceremony, a map showing the venue, and a small photo gallery.


Source: Squarespace

Pages like the Blog and Past Events pages that you probably won't need can be deleted. With the correct adjustments, the other parts and pages can be used effectively for a wedding. For instance, you can easily create a gift registry using the list of icons and descriptions on the Vendors page.

This style would be perfect for destination weddings because it is a little more detailed and offers plenty of room for embellishments. You can include a weekend calendar of events or recommendations for your guests on what to do before or after the wedding festivities.

4. Sonny 

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is one that the Sonny template takes extremely seriously. Less text and lots of space are provided in this design to highlight your best images.

Sonny Squarespace Website Template

Source: Squarespace

This template looks elegant because of the parallax scrolling element. The grid-style image gallery on this template helps your photos stand out. There is also a grid image gallery on the registration page so guests can see what you want.

The Sonny template's image gallery enables you to upload a large number of pictures for your guests.

The only areas where text is present in this design are for very brief details regarding your wedding. Of course, if you'd want, you may add more parts, but Sonny's charm, in my opinion, lies in allowing your images to tell the tale.

5. Dario

This template contains a full-screen graphic that draws attention, just like Soria. This template has a more subdued aesthetic. It has straightforward fonts and plain layouts.


Source: Squarespace

You'll discover a little more information on the homepage. In addition to parts where you may enter the wedding schedule and location information, there is a section where you can provide background information about the two of you and your relationship.

It's good that this registry's Gifts page isn't like other registries. Although the template proposes providing your guest's options for financial gifts, you can easily edit this to link to some other registry if you'd prefer.

Finally, this site looks pretty nice on mobile. It will be particularly easy on the eyes to navigate your website because there is a wonderful balance of photographs and content.

How Much Does Squarespace Cost For Wedding Website?

A customized Squarespace wedding website made by a designer can be very expensive—between $500 and $2,000!

However, buying a Squarespace wedding website review template is ideal if you have a limited budget but want a one-of-a-kind, semi-custom website.

These Squarespace wedding website layouts cost $200, including six months of free Squarespace web hosting. Even though it costs an extra $20 per month if you want more than 6 months, that price is still very reasonable for a distinctive and semi-custom wedding website!

Squarespace offers a 14-day risk-free trial period and four price options with monthly costs ranging from $16 to $49 per plan.

The cheapest option from Squarespace, the $16/month Personal plan, is ideal for wedding websites. This is because it offers all the functionality and layouts of a larger website without additional costs.

Many templates, a free custom domain, SSL security, and round-the-clock assistance are all included. Before committing, you get a 14-day trial period with each plan to determine if the builder is the right fit for you.

Business plan ($23/month): You can sell online using this Squarespace wedding website pricing structure; however, there is a 3% transaction fee for each purchase.

It functions better for businesses that occasionally sell things online rather than for fully-fledged internet businesses.

This service, called Basic Commerce ($27/month), is designed for full-featured web shops. You can sell straight on Instagram or receive specialized tools to help you manage your stores, such as mobile-optimized checkouts, integrated bookkeeping, and customer accounts.

The Advanced Commerce package ($49/month) is ideal for increasing online retail sales. Gift cards, flexible discounts, and features like abandoned cart recovery are all intended to increase the number of people that buy from you. Together with cutting-edge shipping technologies, these elements make up Squarespace's most robust bundle.

Create a Lovely Squarespace For Wedding Website

An effective Squarespace wedding website balances form and content.

While keeping in mind that visitors are there to complete a task, such as RSVPing, accessing the gift registry, or simply looking for directions or information about the wedding event when they don't have access to the wedding invitation or save-the-date card, the wedding website should incorporate the wedding's theme and colors.

We hope you have discovered enough inspiration to begin working on your Squarespace wedding website because we want you to have the best wedding experience possible.

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