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Squarespace Landing Page Best Examples

Squarespace Landing Page Best Examples

For anyone looking to build a stylish and impactful online presence and want to share their unique stories with the world, Squarespace is the best option. It is an all-in-one website-building platform.

Squarespace is a website builder, not a platform for post-click landing pages. Still, the company understands the value of post-click landing pages and having a concise, targeted page to convert visitors into customers.

What Is a Landing Page?

A standalone website page called a post-click landing page is intended to persuade visitors to perform a certain action, such as creating an account, downloading a manual or report, purchasing a product or service, signing up for a webinar, etc.

A post-click landing page employs several persuasive techniques to convince visitors to take action, including eye-catching headlines, persuasive writing, social proof, visual signals, powerful CTAs, and more.

The page where your audience lands after being sent there from an external source is your Squarespace landing page, which can be established from any page on your website. It often has a straightforward appearance, but it attracts visitors by giving them something they desire in exchange for details or a sale.

Here are some examples of landing pages, along with the benefits they brought to the client:

  • A page letting people sign up to be alerted of a presale of your next book in exchange for their email addresses.
  •  A page devoted to the launch of a certain product that encourages users to browse the entire website to see all the available products.
  •  A webpage is urging you to sign up for extended subscriptions on the registration page for an upcoming webinar.
  •  An organizational chart may be downloaded for free after creating a new account.
  •  A page devoted to the launch of a certain product that encourages users to browse the entire website to see all the available products.

By creating a Squarespace landing page, you've made it simple to expand your clientele or audience by persuading website users to do a particular action. A Squarespace landing page is a page that was created specifically to convert site visitors into subscribers, clients, or buyers.

Look at some innovative ways Squarespace advertises its services using post-click landing pages. Because they are not post-click landing sites in the strictest sense, we refer to them as "non-traditional." They frequently have links in the bottom and top navigation and occasionally numerous CTAs with various objectives.

Is Squarespace Good For Landing Pages?

Squarespace landing page templates are cutting-edge, simple, and created to maximize conversions, making them ideal for landing pages. Additionally, it provides other important points like analytics and social media integration to gather email addresses and email marketing tools.

Therefore, you should try out one of these Squarespace landing page templates if you need a free template to help you achieve your goals. They have been examined and shown to be efficient in producing good results.

Can You Build a Landing Page On Squarespace?

A Squarespace landing page's main goal is to persuade visitors that they will benefit from performing the specific action you are asking them to on your website. Your ability to address and motivate your audience will increase as you become more familiar with them.

What are the needs, wants, and problems of your target audience? More importantly, how will visiting or providing information on your Squarespace landing page improve their quality of life?

If you want to segment your offer for various audiences, think about creating multiple landing pages. One landing page could ask one audience (targeted by one set of ads and social media content) to do one thing. In contrast, another landing page could ask a different audience (targeted by a different set of ads and social media content) to do another.

Make Your Message Stand Out On The Page

The copywriting on great Squarespace landing pages persuades visitors that they would be losing out if they didn't sign up or click through.

For example, "Want to know the key to achieving [a specific advantage] and how to get it for yourself?" is a good click-through headline that would pique consumers' interest.

 A great lead generation headline might include something like, "Never miss out on a [name of your business] limited edition product again," emphasizing the value of long-term engagement through sign-up.

Keep a copy on landing pages to a minimum. Giving individuals in-depth knowledge can be done using a lengthy text. However, if you want to encourage quick action, bullet-point the advantages and add a sense of urgency to your text, such as "There has never been a better time to [carry out this action]."

Make your call to action—the message you include with a button or hyperlinked text on your landing pages—clear. It should express your desired action in no more than three words.

Engage Users Through Visuals, Photos, And Layout

A landing page's graphic components are important for encouraging conversion and user interaction.

By increasing brand recognition and influencing the user's perception of your company, stunning design, images, and typography can persuade them to perform the desired action.

 A straightforward design, readable language, and intuitive iconography all help to persuade visitors to make a purchase, interact with your content, or subscribe to your email.

You can design a landing page for your website as a visually appealing way to share important information or make announcements. A landing page is excellent for

  • Pages marked as "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction";
  • Newsletter subscriptions;
  • Product disclosure;
  • Various 404 errors;
  • Wedding invitations.

How Do I Create A Simple Landing Page In Squarespace?

Blocks can be used to build these simple pages. Most websites can use them for contact, about us, and other types of pages. You must: create a landing page with this page type.

  1. Go to the Home menu, click Pages and then click +;
  2. Click on Blank and select Edit on the page;
  3. Add text to the text block;
  4. Paste your custom content, Squarespace Google Reviews plugin, for example;
  5. Add more blocks if needed;
  6. Click Save after adding your content;
  7. If you haven’t done it already, upgrade to the paid service;
  8. Select Public in the Site Availability section if you haven’t done it yet.

Compared to some alternatives from specialized landing page builders, Squarespace's layouts are extremely polished without coming across as pushy. 

Other essential services offered by Squarespace include social network integrations, analytics, and email marketing tools. Overall, it might be a fantastic choice for landing pages that work.

Squarespace Landing Page Price

A Squarespace landing page typically costs $7 per month to host, including several features, such as custom domain names and a custom domain logo.

Pros and Cons of Landing Pages



Traffic To Your Website

Costly Ad Spend To Get Traffic

Full Control Over Site Experience

Costly Labor To Update

Ability To Build Brand Awareness

Loss of Alignment With Known Brands

Custom Form Field For Data Capture

Complex Forms or Site Issues Force Abandonment

Here Are Some Of The Best Examples Of Squarespace Landing Pages: 

1. Fayette

It has a sophisticated, polished appearance that would be appropriate for high-end products or services. Since there isn't much area for copy, you may keep things simple and direct for your visitors.


Source: Squarespace

Using your call to action, you can replace the RSVP title and buttons on this party template to create a special landing page.

2. Royce

It is a strong and uncomplicated Squarespace design that event planners can use to publish events and provide attendees with all the details they require for the festivities. It aids in conveying the message loudly and clearly.


Source: Squarespace

Highlights of the Royce landing page design include a large configurable image and text, event information, food highlights, and the RSVP. Additionally, it contains a parallax scrolling effect that you will notice as you navigate the page.

So that people may get in touch with you if they have questions or would like more information about the event, you can include your contact information and one social media handle

3. Maqueda

 is slick, fashionable, and ideal for promoting new business locations and product launches. The style is straightforward and functional and includes the new address, the phone number, one sizable background image, and some text about the launch.


Source: Squarespace

This is the layout to advertise a job opening, a new business branch, a new product, or an upcoming event. Since everything is scalable, you may use your imagination to develop something that embodies the personality and voice of your company.

It is uncluttered and effective at communicating the message. It merely has a call-to-action button and vital information. These phone numbers are clickable, so readers can call you immediately if they want to get in touch with you.

4. Zorayda

The landing page design of Zorayda is very simple to understand and has a neutral background. You can use it without fearing it will clutter your website or confuse your viewers because it is organized well. There is a lot to fit on one page.


Source: Squarespace

For instance, this landing page design includes a large image, an email sign-up form, text and location, and contact details. The top right corner of the Zorayda Squarespace design also has social networking icons. Even before your website is live, these features will make it easier for visitors to find you.

Making your phone number clickable is a smart move. Your visitors will be able to call you immediately, thanks to this. You can also alter the page's fonts, colors, and graphics to better reflect your brand.

5. Archer

This is a reasonably simple Squarespace design, but it's ideal for a landing page where you want to advertise fresh initiatives, products, and groups. It features a simple backdrop image that you can easily replace with the image of your company or product. Text, a call-to-action button for signing up, and social media icons are some of the elements of this landing page.


Source: Squarespace

It will be ideal if you want a basic landing page that encourages only one primary action from your visitors rather than confusing them. The call-to-action button can be changed to reflect the action you want site visitors to take when they arrive on your page.

6. Manor


Source: Squarespace

When launching a new collection for the coming season, fashion bloggers should use these Squarespace landing page layouts. It benefits both companies and commercial enterprises preparing to launch a new product.

It contains a single image and a sign-up call-to-action button that invites users to join up and receive notifications when new versions are available. There isn't a lot of unnecessary information that could confuse visitors. 

This is the style to use if you need to provide essential information to every visitor who lands on your website.

Squarespace offers adjustable landing page designs, so you may experiment with the style until you find one that fits the message you want to convey.

Key Takeaway

Squarespace is a superb option if you want to create a landing page with Squarespace that converts well because it offers a wide range of fantastic designs and a variety of effective marketing tools.

 Once you've discovered a good basis, Squarespace's editor makes it simple to add any additional sections. A strong template combined with persuasive writing, eye-catching graphics, and copy can differentiate between success and failure.

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