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Awesome Squarespace Fonts to Use Right Now

Awesome Squarespace Fonts

A good font can mean the difference between someone staying on your website for one minute or half an hour.


Source: Squarespace

Choosing the perfect Squarespace font for your brand-new website can be challenging. However, given the variety of amazing options, you are bound to find a Squarespace font that you love.

Let’s find the ideal squarespace fonts 2022 for you.

Can I Add Fonts to Squarespace?

Did you know that Squarespace allows you to add any custom font? That implies that you are not constrained by the built-in Squarespace fonts.

Without a shadow of a doubt, fonts are important to your business. It establishes how consumers view your brand and their level of trust in you.


Source: Pexels

 If someone has told you that fonts are not as important as color and content, I am here to tell you that they have misled you. Choosing the ideal Squarespace font selection can significantly impact your branding. 

Does Squarespace Offer Google Fonts?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes. You can choose from more than 600 Google fonts on Squarespace. Although they don't have the entire selection, Squarespace does have several lovely typefaces. 

Squarespace fonts

Source: Pexels

Don't get upset if you want to use a Google font but can't find it on Squarespace. Google fonts can be added straight from the Google Fonts website through Squarespace.

How Can I Pick the Right Font For My Squarespace Website?

As some may claim, selecting a font isn't that challenging. Although we will go into great detail about the best fonts for Squarespace to use in the second half of this post, there are three things you should look out for:


Communicating with people is one thing, but making your content readable is quite another. Although using fashionable Squarespace fonts can enhance your website's appearance, sticking with a readable but attractive font is preferable.

Limit Your Fonts

Using various "stylish" fonts may seem like a technique to make your website more attractive, but in reality, it does not. Additionally, it makes the webpage appear erratic and disorganized. 

Aim to use no more than two to three typefaces; if you must use more, use different styles and weights of the Squarespace fonts you have chosen. Keep it as readable and concise as possible.

Remember Who Your Targeted Audience Is

If someone visits your website, do you want them to feel immediately excited, or are you targeting serious-minded people?

You can achieve your branding objectives in part by using typography. The identity of your brand should be reflected in the font you choose. 

The Olive

Source: The Olive

What Is The Best Font On Squarespace?

Squarespace Serif Fonts

Because of their attractive design, serif fonts are widely used. They are quite readable and frequently have a distinct character. The best serif fonts for Squarespace are listed below:

1. Alike

This font is identifiable by the small lines on the edges of letters (called serifs) that make the font easier to read in print.

Alike Squarespace font

It has a distinct appeal for logos, banners, and social media promotions. This serif font is built to stand out with varying weights and a modern vibe.

2. Mate

It has a balance of sharp serifs and soft curves. It is suitable for editorial print due to its large headings and easy-to-read body text.

Mate Squarespace font

Fonts like Mate add an edge to the elegance of traditional serif typeface.

3. Crete Round

Crete Round is an elegant serif with the flexibility to pull off both modern and conservative designs. 

Crete Round Font

It is perfect for headings and branding that need a touch of sophistication.

Serif Font Family



Times New Roman

Times New Roman



Bodoni MT

Bodoni MT





Best Squarespace Fonts List

1. New Spirit

Are you seeking a font selection that makes anybody who sees it feel compassion? You've scored big time! 

Customers are left with a lasting impression by the eleven weights of the Adobe font New Spirit.

2. Novel Sans Pro

Novel Sans Pro is renowned for being easy to read and simple. There are 11 different styles to pick from.

Combining these two fonts gives your consumers a sympathetic, approachable feeling. We suggest using these fonts for coaching websites and gift shops.

3. Moret

A contemporary, striking font like Moret can provide any design a surprising boldness. 

Moret Squarespace font

Source: Squarespace

It has a high-end yet slightly whimsical tone for firms looking to stand out from the crowd of rivals.

4. Prestige Elite Std Font

The prestige elite std font transports you right back to a time when print was common, which is something people enjoy. It makes you appear sophisticated and in charge. This font is appropriate if you want to give your company a vintage feel.

This is an excellent font to use if you're considering offering translation services to customers in your business because it supports over 51 languages. Additionally, it beautifully represents financial charts and mathematical symbols.

5. HWT Roman Extended Lightface 

The strong connection that HWT Roman Extended Lightface creates with your consumers is one of our favorite features.

People have a way of falling in love with it. Furthermore, it conveys authority and trustworthiness.

6. Forma DJR Micro

Using Forma DJR Micro as your body text font sends the message to your user that you can be trusted. 

This font should be used if you want to create a brand that conveys authority in your business while giving users a sense of security and priority. Restaurants, home décor companies, and companies selling essential oils can all use these Squarespace fonts.

7. Goldenbook 

Goldenbook creates a sense of trust. Your brand will appear reliable, established, and credible as a result. 

Goldenbook Squarespace font

Source: Squarespace

You can make Goldenbooks bolder or thinner according to your tastes because it comes in six different weights.

8. Maple

The robust appearance of the Maple font makes the entire look more trustworthy.

It has four different weights. This font works best for news websites, law firms, businesses that deal with money, and even healthcare organizations.

9. Meno Banner Italics

A script font like Meno Banner italics allows the eyes to get lost in all of its fine details. 

It has an air of mystery that makes you curious about where it might take you.

10. Acumin Pro

Acumin Pro, another Adobe font with 90 different styles, is quite effective. 

Acumin Pro

Source: Squarespace

This is something. You might use it for a spa or gift shop.

11. Mencken Std

Introducing yet another font from Adobe Fonts. Mencken Std is available in 27 different styles, giving customers a wide range of alternatives. 

Another font that inspires confidence in readers. It can be used for both heading and body text, although due to its simplicity, the heading is preferred.

12. Forma DJR Banner

Forma DJR Banner as the button text can create a powerful message. Suppose you like to keep things straightforward, or your goal is to develop a minimalist website. 

In that case, you should consider this font if your work area includes communicating with a sizable population, such as marketing and sales, internet retailers, or dining establishments. You should use this font.

How Do I Add Multiple Fonts to Squarespace?

You can use various Squarespace fonts on your website, but we strongly suggest sticking to no more than two or three.

The Emile Squarespace font
Source: The Emile

That’s because too many fonts give the impression that your company is inconsistent and can make the website look overwhelming. Furthermore, keeping readers' attention on the message you're trying to convey becomes challenging once your website loses its consistency.

Additionally, it is important to remember that too many Squarespace fonts slow down your website's speed because the browser must download and process each font used, which might take time. 

Longer loading times may turn away potential customers from your website. Instead of using many fonts, experiment with the weight and style by producing something bold, thin, light, italic, etc.

Can I Add Squarespace Custom Fonts?

You can add a custom font to your Squarespace version 7.0 site using the interface with Adobe Fonts. Version 7.1 does not allow customized Adobe Fonts. Using this process, the fonts from your custom project will take the place of the Adobe Fonts selections in the site styles menus.

What Fonts are Included In Squarespace?

In addition to Adobe's type kit, Squarespace offers Google fonts. Around 1000 typefaces from Adobe's Type Kit and 600 from Google are provided by Squarespace, giving you a wide range of selections. 

Additionally, by classifying these fonts into serif, san serif, and mixed, they made it simple for everyone. Popular fonts like,

  • Open sans, 
  • Lato,
  • Roboto, 
  • Advent, 
  • Abril fatface, and others are accessible in Squarespace. 

There is a font out there for your brand available on Squarespace.

Key Takeaway

Your brand's or company's choice of typeface and font should evoke positive feelings while being simple to read. Your target demographic and your work industry should also influence your typeface.

Good typography will give your website more personality and cause your viewers to associate the font you use with your business subconsciously.

You may develop a loyal user base, earn people's trust, and advance your brand using a distinctive, consistent font.

The font significantly influences how readers read and interpret the text's information. Contrary to weak fonts that don't support the text's message, eye-catching font is significantly more persuasive.

Good typography can mean the difference between someone staying on your website for one minute or half an hour. Fonts play a major role in making your website aesthetically appealing and memorable.

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