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Best Squarespace Blog Templates for 2022

Best Squarespace Blog Templates for 2022

Have you started your blog yet? 

If not, you may need a template to best customize your site to feature your personality and content domain.

Squarespace is a popular blog platform many people use to create their blogs. It has various best Squarespace blog templates for creating and designing stunning blogs, portfolios, and eCommerce stores. The website builder is known for its easy-to-use design tools, powerful editing capabilities, and wide collection of themes and templates.

If you're looking for the best out-of-the-box Squarespace blog template, you are in for a treat. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best Squarespace blog templates to give you something interesting to look at and create with. Let’s start!

Is Squarespace Good For Blogs?

It is affordable and has a wide Squarespace blog template variety, making blogging easy and fun. Its outstanding features include easy-to-use design tools, powerful editing capabilities, and a wide range of themes.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to create a Squarespace blog. The Squarespace blog template is a good option if you don’t have prior coding knowledge or experience. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to customize your site's look and feel. You can also add features such as eCommerce support and social media integration.

What is a Squarespace Blog Template?

A Squarespace template is a pre-designed website demo that you can use to create a professional-looking website. Squarespace offers a variety of templates for different purposes, such as blogs, business websites, and online stores.

The best Squarespace blog template for you will depend on your specific needs. For example, if you want to create a simple blog to share your thoughts and ideas, you might want to choose a clean and minimal design template. On the other hand, if you want to create a more complex blog with multiple pages and blog posts, you might want to choose a template with more features and options.

How to Choose the Right Squarespace Template For Your Blog?

Many great templates are available on, but choosing the right Squarespace blog template creates a good first impression. After you find the template that best suits your needs, customize it to make your blog look its best.

Here are some features to look for when choosing a Squarespace blog template:

Features of a good blog template:

Easy to use design



A good template should be easy to use, with drag and drop features for easy customization.


Customizable colors and fonts

You'll want to be able to change the colors and fonts of your blog easily, so make sure the template has these features.


Good layout options

Ensure the template has good layout options, including different header and footer designs and pagination options.


Add photos and videos

A good template should include easy photo and video editing features to easily add photos and videos to your blog.


Social Media Integration

A good template allows you to integrate social media platforms in your blog design.


Best Squarespace Blog Templates 

A blog is a great way to share your ideas, thoughts, and insights with the world. A good template will make your blog look professional and help you develop a consistent branding strategy. Each Squarespace blog template is user-friendly and has its unique features and design.

Here is a list of 10 modern and visually appealing Squarespace blog templates:

1.  Mérida

One of our favorite Squarespace blog templates is the Mérida. This template is perfect for a magazine-style blog where you need to cram a lot of text and images on a single page. With this template, you can alter full-bleed banner images and post thumbnails for featured stories without cluttering the homepage.


Source: Merida

This template is perfect for travel bloggers who want an easy way to document their travels. It has a modern design that will look great on any web page. Plus, it has built-in features like blog posts, category pages, and social media links. 

So, if you're looking for a stylish and easy-to-use Squarespace blog template, we recommend checking out the Mérida.

2.  Brower

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional blog template with a simple grid-style homepage, check out Brower. With small post blurbs, headlines, and interactive menu navigation, this Squarespace template is perfect for any business or personal blog. The minimal design brings attention to the thumbnail images and lets them do the talking. The sleek and modern content feed looks great on any website.

Aside from its visual appeal, Brower also features many powerful features that will make creating and managing your blog easy. For example, it comes with custom posts, social media feeds, and even Google Analytics to track your website’s performance in real-time.


Source: Brower 

Brower may seem basic to some, but it is one of the most balanced and browsing-friendly Squarespace templates out there.

3.  Forte

If you are looking for a bold yet contemporary Squarespace template, Forte is your best option. This template is fast, easy to use, and has many features to customize your blog. This template's perfect balance of content and white space makes it outstanding.

Launched in 2013, Forte lets users add anything including blog posts and feed the sidebar. This minimal yet striking template also features a full-bleed landing page.


Source: Forte 

If you want a professional-looking blog, you should give Forte a try. This template has a modern design and includes features like automatic menus and SEO-optimizedzed code. However, since it is from Squarespace version 7.0, it might be a little harder to switch to another theme.

4.  Keene

Keene is the perfect choice if you're looking for a well-designed and functional blog template for the health niche businesses. It's fully customizable and comes with tons of features. Plus, it's simple, easy to use and can be customized to suit businesses in other niches.

Keene - squarespace blog templates

Source: Keene 

Its exceptionally functional design makes it an outstanding template for Squarespace. You can add links to the pages visitors want to access directly on the landing page.

5.  Fillmore

If you're looking for a stylish and easy-to-use travel blog template, try Fillmore from Squarespace. This template was designed with travel bloggers in mind, and it comes with a host of features that will make your blog look great.

First off, the Fillmore offers super scrollable one-column posts to create a stunning aesthetic for your blog. It also includes an easy-to-use editor to customize fonts, colors, and more. Using the built-in media library as a digital scrapbook, you can add images and videos to your posts.

Fillmore squarespace blog templates

Source: Fillmore 

The Squarespace news template also has a custom font wizard that makes adding custom fonts to your posts easy. And last but not least, the Fillmore template is fully responsive, so it looks great on any device.

 6.  Idrah

If you're looking for a Squarespace blog template with a Gen Z-friendly aesthetic, Idrah is perfect. It's designed for fashion and lifestyle blogging. It features a clean design with a neutral color palette, making it perfect for a broad spectrum of blogs. The content categories give it a clean and chic look.


Source: Idrah

Idrah’s built-in Instagram feed allows you to promote your brand outside social media. Additionally, you can feature a lot of content without cluttering the page. The sharp color scheme and pre-made store page add to the aesthetics and functionality of the template. The only drawback of this Squarespace store templates with blog is the top title block on the homepage, which hides much of the image on the smartphone screen.

7.  Nevins

Nevins is another great Squarespace blog template best for art and photography blogs. This modern template focuses on layout and typography and features two formatting options for artists and photographers. It is perfect if you want an airy and flexible blog framework that can handle lots of text. You also let your work talk by choosing the formatting option specifically added for the photographers.


Source: Nevins

Thanks to the fade-in and hover-over effects for blog posts and project page thumbnails, the template can cram a lot of content without looking excessively busy. Text and layouts can be positioned in a way that doesn’t distract from the blog imagery.

Nevins allows you to change your site's look and feel to fit your specific needs.

8.  Harman

If you're looking for a neat and no-nonsense template for your Squarespace site, Harman is the right choice. It's a text-only, user-friendly template designed with modern aesthetics in mind. Plus, the grid-style template is ideal for an online diary or journal, for you to be able to create a blog that looks great no matter what type of content you plan to share.


Source: Harman

If you are looking for a simple blog template without fancy settings or effects, go for Harman. This template is perfect for bloggers who want to keep their blogs simple and easy to navigate. It features a neutral color scheme and minimal design elements. You can easily change the colors and layout to create a look that perfectly suits your blog's content.

So, whether you're new to blogging or just need a fresh and modern template with a calming color palette for your Squarespace site, Harman is the way to go. 

9.  Skye

If you're looking for a beautiful, responsive, easy-to-use blog template, look no further than Skye! It's got everything you need and more for you to create a minimalist yet aesthetic blog. With neatly organized categories, Skye enables you to organize blog posts based on the topic adding to the readability of your site. This makes it easier for users to find what they want in seconds.


Source: Skye

Skye is designed with a modern, user-friendly interface that's perfect for bloggers who want to share their thoughts on the go. It features many customization options, including fonts, colors, and backgrounds - so you can make it look exactly how you want it to.

Give Skye a try today - you won't be disappointed!

10.  Stanton

Staton is ideal for those who want to start food blogging. A newsletter block, promo for your future cookbook, and a grid of recent posts make this photo-heavy template perfect for sharing your recipes with the world. With this Squarespace news template, you'll be able to create a beautiful blog post with striking imagery that perfectly captures the essence of local cuisine. You can increase traffic to your blog by showcasing your latest posts in a chic and organized way.


Source: Stanton

It is one of the best Squarespace store templates with blog that features a color palette that works well with food photography. There is a pre-designed store page to start selling if you ever need to. The fade-in effect keeps the page neat and navigation friendly as you scroll.

This template is fresh and friendly, easy to set up, and uses the standard features of Squarespace, so there's little learning required if you're new to blogging.

Which Squarespace Template Is Best For a Blog?

There are many Squarespace blog templates, but which is the best for your blog? 

When choosing a blog template, it's important to consider the following factors:

  • The layout;
  • The design;
  • Customization options; 
  • Platform's features and capabilities;
  • Price.

The best Squarespace blog templates vary depending on your needs and preferences.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to creating a website, there are a lot of options out there. However, not all of them are created equal. Some blogs use outdated or clunky designs that make them difficult to use.

There are many different Squarespace blog templates available to choose from. It's important to choose a template that is appropriate for your blog's content and style. 

For example, if you have a blog about fashion, you might want to use the Fashion Magazine Layout. If you have a blog about travel, you might want to use the Travel Blog Template. Once you've chosen a template, it's time to customize it! 

You can change the colors and fonts, add photos and videos, and more. It's also important to select a layout that works well with your blog's content. 

For example, if your blog is about fashion, you might want to use a horizontal layout instead of a vertical one. There are so many options available to customize a Squarespace blog that it's hard to go wrong!

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